Thursday, June 25, 2009

IIT quota seats not filled

Here is an article from the Times of India with interesting facts...

Every year, lakhs of students burn the midnight oil for months to get into the hallowed Indian Institutes of Technology. But as admissions closed on Wednesday, one startling fact emerged — there weren't enough qualified candidates to fill up the reserved seats on offer for the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, or the physically challenged.

IIT heads told TOI that over 1,100 seats will now be transferred to the preparatory course. This course, which is like a feeder class, trains quota students for a year to equip them to qualify for the IITs. Students for the preparatory course are selected by reducing cut-offs even further.

On the OBC (other backward classes) reservation front too, 53 seats were transferred to general category candidates, though the IITs are still only in the second year of the quotas (they are implementing 18% quota before moving to the total 27% reservation). The IITs, in fact, had made various concessions to ensure they could fill the SC/ST seats. They lowered entry levels for these categories and even went as low as 50% below the last general category student's marks to do justice to the quota. Even this did not help them get the required number of backward category students.

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  1. As always after reading similar stories on reservation, I fail to understand how reservations will help anyone. Now with the quota system, an institution recognised for its quality has to lower its bars for admissions, thereby lowering the standards of the students, thereby lowering the quality of the institution.
    So, in otherwords through the quota business, we ask everyone to stoop to a lower level that expecting the lower level to rise to a higher one - as reservations foolishly aim to!