Thursday, June 17, 2010

UPSC topper from Kashmir credits Indian Constitution for his success

The All india topper in civil services exam, Dr Shah Faisal attibuted his success to the equality guaranteed by the Indian constitution. "One should never forget the fact that he is an Indian irrespective of his religion. No body can stop you from achieving the goal, if you are capable", he said, reports Expressindia.

All India topper at UPSC civil services exam Dr Shah Faisal has attributed his success to the provision of equality for all enshrined in the Indian constitution.

"Indian constitution provides for giving equal rights to everyone irrespective of caste, religion, region and my success in the UPSC exam is a result of that," Faisal, who hails from Kashmir, said at a felicitation function here last night.

Stating that there was no better country than India, Faisal said, "We create controversies over pity things like caste, religion, region and language."

"There is no reason to get upset if someone doubts your Indianness because you are a Muslim. There is no need for a certificate from anybody that you are an Indian. Practise any religion in your home or society but outside, do not ever forget that you are an Indian and learn to respect people from other religions," he said.

"In pursuit of your goal, you will find people who will trouble you because you belong to a particular religion, caste, region but if you have the capability, then nobody can stop you from overcoming these hurdles and reach your goal, Faisal added.