Thursday, May 14, 2009

Have Your Say

Dear Readers,
This is a space for all kinds of comments and suggestions. You can pen down, rather key down, your thoughts on democracy or Empowering India or any queries here and we will reply back to you.
Making Democracy Meaningful!


  1. Anonymous17:21

    It will be great to have comaprisons between two candidates in a constituency, or two constituencies. This will help the voters to decide whom to vote for.
    Something like how one can compare two mobile phone models..

  2. It is possible to make summary comparison, if you visit any Lok Sabha constituency in any state in the 2009 elections. Please select Lok Sabha Election tab, select a state, and then select the constituency you want to see. There are two tables, one will give you the election result comparison, once the results are known. And the other will give you a summary of affidavit information for all the candidates in that constituency.

  3. great initiative! i hope everyone who believes in democracy and uphold the principles of equality, liberty and brotherhood imbibed in the constitution should contribute towards empowering india and begin a new dawn of peace.

  4. Anonymous11:39

    This is related to the ludhiana shooting that happened few days back.I think BK has nothing to do with it and all that happened is a act of SAD to bring the attention of centre gov towards Punjab. They in a way want to pressurise the centre gov to give them money to pay off the debt.
    SAD is playong a yet another cruel act and just doing such inhuman things they cant keep themselves in power anymore. I hope the people of india would act wisely and give thm a harsh reply in next election.

  5. A great initiative indeed ! I earnestly request to explore one area – “the facility to exercise the franchise by NRIs staying abroad”. We, the average NRIs, are probably keeping more information about Indian politics than average Indian domiciles. We probably have more thoughtful and unbiased inference about the prospective candidates for MP/MLA. But we cannot vote staying abroad. I saw my colleagues abroad from Philippines, USA exercised their franchise from abroad – through their local Embassies. Why this is not possible for India ? Probably many of us (NRIs) could not secure a Voter’s ID Card. But our Passport can be a very solid ID to exercise voting right.

  6. I agree, it would be good if the postal ballots, and NRIs (not PIOs) are allowed to vote either on the internet or at the local embassy or consulate. Perhaps we should build up a case, prepare a background paper on what are the best practices other countries, and the advantages of political participation. We could submit this to the Government, MPs and the Election Commission of India.
    Empowering India could be of interest to many politically active NRIs. We will appreciate any suggestion on how the information about this initiative could be taken to NRIs.

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  8. I think maximum member of loksabha elections are undergraduate and most of thems are richest person(crorer pati) .Happy to see all of the contents here.

  9. raja dutta17:13

    It will dratically change the political face of India for better if we can introduce on-line voting both for NRI as well as Indian domicile .It is an urgent need to introduce on-line voting.

  10. This website is an important step towards effective governance. However, the interface needs a bit of a simplification, in our opinion. Otherwise, its an excellent initiative. Congrats to the people behind it !

  11. Thanks Abirlal, Raja and Pratap, for your encouraging comments and suggestions. There are lot of areas which need to be improved. We are continuously trying to improve the features within the limits of our technical and resource constraints. We do welcome, and greatly appreciate specific suggestions, including technical suggestions, that might help in improving this site.
    Please do send your suggestions to info[AT]

  12. Debasish Bhattacharyya17:51

    It is a wonderful site, not only that it's our commitment to our motherland. So you go ahead. Best of luck. Very very good wishes from my heart.
    Debasish Bhattacharyya, Bagnan, Howrah,

  13. Anonymous22:15

    This is a great website, the information that is provided is of great value, would suggest early updatation at the times of election and also candidate profiles need to be updated...

    Good show!!!

  14. k.Balakrishna16:54

    Sir,Your consern is loudable but inherent drawback in indian governance is judiciary is surrendering to party parliamentary dictates in the garb of true debate within the house only as an aid&advice (artl,12&13)otherwise the Exicutive is always The constitution and not the incombent of the office (is nowbeing the rubber stamp as the election itself rigged&subbataged by non other than the election commission)has to be corrected.
    Hope you can cherish and share with me,thankyou.