Thursday, March 26, 2009

Civil Society Initiatives

Gone are the days when democracy and politics was only restricted to those chasing power, whose sole aim was to carry on the dirty business of robbing this country and its citizens. Awareness has spread like wild-fire. Somewhere the Mumbai terror attacks have produced passionate citizens who have come forward ‘to do something’. And this ‘something’ has finally left the confines of the thought or the living room conversations. This ‘something’ will pave the way for the change we all wait for.

Here is a list of a few of the growing number of citizens initiatives across the country whose objective is to encourage greater participation in the democratic process in various forms. With the tool of information technology and internet has greatly enriched and enhanced the range and scope of these initiatives.

Bombay Catholic

Democracy Connect

Engage - Elections 2009

Group of Groups Mumbai

India Democracy

Indian Elections

Indian Neta

Jaago Re! One Billion Votes

Mumbai Votes

MyMP - IRIS (Beta)

National Network of India

National Election Watch - ADR

No Criminals

Our MP: Indian MPs, Politics, democracy



PRS Legislative Research



Wada Na Todo: Holding the Government Accountable


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